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Steve Hood

Getting married in Malta
It's all to do with the Rich culture, World class cuisine, cultural and historic diversity

Getting Married is one of the most important things that will happen to you in life. It’s that one special day where two people become one, where two families join together.

That’s why a lot of couples go the extra mile to make sure their wedding is going to be a day that will never be forgotten.

Finding the perfect location and venue for this once in a lifetime event is so important.

Why not go with a place that will take your breath away?

    Tips on getting married in France

    Expert advice on French Weddings

    Getting married in France
    France is Romantic

    Getting Married in Paris or the French countryside is romantic.

    The French language and food are romantic

    What can I say

    Whether it’s the French countryside or strolling around the streets of Paris, or sitting at a street cafe’ sharing a bottle of wine or enjoying a meal in the French countryside, it’s an easy place to fall in love with and a great place to hold a romantic incredible wedding

    You might choose to celebrate at a Chateau in Loire Valley, or soaking up the sun on the French coast, there are so many historical buildings and locations in every corner of France. One particular favourite of mine is the French Riviera, I love the local culture, the relaxed lifestyle, the warm Summer evenings with fine wine and good food.

    If you are getting married in France and are interested in having a Wedding Videographer to capture and preserve all those wedding memories for you then head over to my contact page.

    I shoot wedding films all over the UK and Europe and I love working with couples who have a shared vision of their French Wedding Film

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    Malta Weddings

    Advice on getting married in Malta

    Getting married at Villa Bologna

    So, you’re thinking of getting married in Malta

    That’s Great News !

    Malta is Europe’s hottest new wedding destination

    Malta is an attractive, affordable and accessible option for a Destination Wedding.

    Malta, the largest in an archipelago of beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea, is just over three hours from the UK

    Malta gets over 300 days of sunshine a year, so you can enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of the island and 7,000 years of history.

    It is a wedding destination that will not blow the budget either, so the breathtaking ceremony in a historic venue you always dreamed of has never been so easy to create.

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    So why take a UK based Wedding Videographer with you?

    One of the great advantages of bringing a UK wedding Videographer along, is that you can meet up somewhere in the UK before the day and have a chat over coffee and talk about your plans.

    Then there is the added bonus of knowing that we probably speak the same language, which means you can tell me exactly what you’re looking for and know that I understand what you mean.

    Whether you’re getting married at a chic Hotel in Valletta, or a Historic Villa, I’ve experienced them all and will happily join you.

    When working in Malta, I’ll turn up a few days early in case of flight delays and to get some of those scene setting establishing shots.

    So if you like my style of Wedding films, and you would like someone along who wants to be a part of your Malta Destination wedding as much as you do, rather than booking someone abroad, who you don’t know very much about…..then it’s a no brainer.

    Maybe you fell in love with a UK based wedding videographer, and worry their travel rates might be too expensive?

    Well I love to travel and quite often I will not add the expense of flights and accommodation to my prices

    Cyprus Weddings

    Advice on getting married in Cyprus

    Getting married at Villa Bologna

    If you’re looking for year-round sunshine, amazing food & drink plus a dazzling array of wedding venues to choose from, then a wedding in Cyprus might be just what you’ve been searching for.

    Cyprus has a beautiful coastline, with Mediterranean sandy beaches, rocky coves and clear blue water.

    Cyprus is rich in culture and tradition, you could choose a historic church wedding or a luxurious hotel beach ceremony, maybe a wedding in a mountain top monastery

    Put simply, a wedding in Cyprus offers up something for everyone.

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