Steve Hood Films

Wedding Videographer

I create films for both small and large weddings, no matter where your wedding is taking place, if it is a traditional celebration or an elopement I am happy to capture your story your way.

So, what do I offer?

The most important part of your Wedding film collection is your Wedding Story Film.

On the day I will capture everything needed to create your Wedding film 

All day coverage to capture all those important moments

I've been filming Weddings for over ten years now and have found that the perfect length of a wedding feature

with natural storytelling is between 15 to 20 minutes long

Of course every wedding day is different and so I won't edit a film to a specific length, rest assured that your film will match you and it will be a personal story of your day which you can relive forever.

You will also be able to customise your film collection to include added extras

Here are my most popular 2023 UK film collections

I offer some other film collections for Hengrave Hall Weddings

Hengrave Hall Films and Prices (Click here)


Babington House Wedding

Steve Hood Films 2023

Indulgence Film Collection


Two Videographers

Bride and Groom preparations until around an hour after the First dance.

A 25 minute Feature film

A film of your Ceremony

A film of your Speeches

A 3-5 minute Highlights

Wedding planner Suffolk

Steve Hood Films 2023

Signature Film Collection


One Videographer

Bridal party preparations   until around 15 minutes after the First dance  

A 20 minute Feature film

A film of your Ceremony

A film of your Speeches


Suffolk Luxury wedding venue

Steve Hood Films 2023

Reflections Film Collection 


One Videographer

Just before the Ceremony until the end of the First Dance.

A 15 minute Feature film

A film of your Speeches

A 60 second Highlights

Babington House Somerset

Alexandra & Andrew's Wedding Story

A 20 minute feature 
De Vere Latimer Estate Buckinghamshire

Selina & Stephen's Wedding Story

A 15 minute feature 
Even more 

Additional Films

Here are some additional films you might like to consider
One of the best wedding videographers in London

A 3-5 minute long Social media film

The most popular addition to our wedding film collections

Highlights of your wedding in a movie trailer format with all those WOW moments set to licensed music 

Londons best wedding videographer

A 60 second Instagram Teaser

One minute long and specially formatted so that it is perfect for your Instagram feed, set to music and containing all those special moments from your wedding.

The Best Wedding Videographer in Malta

A documentary Edit Film

A full length documentary style film in chronological order edited to include all the unused footage from the day 

Do you want more ?

Upgrade your Film Collection

I offer a variety of upgrades for every Film Collection
Create your own Bespoke wedding film collection.
Best drone pilot in Suffolk


Aerial Videography 

I am a CAA Approved Commercial drone pilot. I can offer you aerial videography as an added extra to your Wedding Film. I am Insured and have the latest 4K capable equipment.

Romantic wedding video

Additional Camera Operator

Having two Videographers will almost double the footage giving alternative angles and views and allows us to be more creative and to be in more than one place at a time, it allows us to capture a range of reactions that may otherwise have been missed

Gosfield Hall prices

Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots are a great way to get to know you before your Wedding day and it will help you to feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. Typically taking around 2 hours, you will receive a set of photographs and a short video.

French Chateau Wedding Video

Extra days 

You might be hosting your Wedding over a number of days with several events that you would like to include. We are happy to discuss filming these additional days with you.

Can we get the raw footage?



Can we get the RAW footage

This is a very common question amongst brides and grooms these days, especially now that computers and technology have advanced to the point where cutting together home movies in iMovie is a relative breeze. One could request raw footage of their wedding for a multitude of reasons, but few understand exactly what raw footage actually is. Most of the time it’s such a hassle, it never even ends up being seen.

Storage Space

The first caveat has to do with the storage space that the raw footage takes up. For us, an average wedding clocks in somewhere between 300 to 500GB. For most home computers and laptops, this is too large to save on your computer among all your other applications, music, and photos we save, so it becomes necessary to purchase an external hard drive to store the files.

Hundreds of Files

Raw footage is not easy to watch. It’s not something that can be burned to a DVD and watched on your television. Nowadays all videographers shoot on digital media, which means every time we start and stop recording, a new video file is created. Now imagine how many times we do this throughout the entire 10-12 hour wedding day, not to mention that most of us are using 2-3 cameras for each wedding! What you end up with is hundreds of 10-60 second clips which we must then sort, color correct imperfections, and then ultimately piece together to create a story. Who has the time to sift through and double-click, watch for a few seconds, close, double-click, watch, close, hundreds of times?

Our Solution

We do still offer raw footage for a small cost for those who really want it, £250 on a hard drive provided by us or £200 on a hard drive provided by you, however we do provide something a step above. Our Documentary Edits run anywhere from 1-2 hours in length, and are an easy way to watch all of the raw footage from the day without the hassle of scrub through video clips all night. This extra content is ready-to-watch, and can be included with every one of our wedding videography packages for an extra £350