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Easton Grange Weddings

If you are getting Married at Easton Grange you need to have the most experienced Wedding Videographer to capture your memories.
EASTON Grange Wedding Videography

Steve Hood Films

Easton Grange

Easton Grange is very local to me and I love filming weddings there.
I filmed my first wedding at Easton Grange in 2013
The Oak trees and fields and across the river over the footbridge are great locations to take some really special shots of just the two of you.

If you decide on a Ceremony at the venue or a church you will get a beautiful backdrop for your vows.
One of my specialities as a filmmaker is aerial cinematography, and Easton Grange lends itself to some really stunning shots… take a look in the videos below for some examples of this.

My films are very natural for the most part, but spending 30 minutes walking through the long grass and gardens will let us produce some amazing shots of just the two of you.

  • Aerial Videography

    All my Easton Grange Wedding collections come with both Bride & Groom preparations if you are getting ready at the venue and Drone footage included at no extra cost

  • No added travel expenses

    Because Easton Grange is my local Wedding Venue I won't add any travel expenses.

Hengrave Hall Church Wedding

A Romantic Wedding at Easton Grange

A Civil Ceremony in Summer

A Summer Wedding at Easton Grange

A Family celebration
rebecca & Aaron

A Church Wedding and Reception at Easton Grange

Coelis & Xander

A Winter Wedding at Easton Grange

Fantastic Winter Barn Wedding
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